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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  September 16, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, a philadelphia elementary school becomes a crime scene after a woman tells police she was attacked early this morning in the schoolyard. good morning, i'm vai sikahema, right now students are inside the school for a regular day of classes. monique braxton is live for us. monique, tell us the condition of the victim if you know. >> reporter: we're hearing the victim is in stable condition and momentarily she will be interviewed by detectives from the special victims unit. i can tell you, though, here in frankford, vai, the scene has been released back to the school which means kids can come outside and once again play here. detectives just left but it was
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a much different scenario as the sun was rising here over frankford. look at our video know. investigators tell us just before 6:00 a woman told them she was wiffle whpistol whipped purse taken during an apparent sexual assault. police who responded described the schoolyard where the victim was dragged as blood-splattered. our camera was rolling when police blocked off public access to the schoolyard which was a crime scene at the time. the victim was taken to a local hospital. she will be talking to svu and their goal is to have a composite sketch done. what you're looking at right now is a school district's surveillance camera that's posted just above where where the alleged crime occurred. i asked the a school district spokesperson if this camera was working and moments ago i was told yes. the police are reviewing the surveillance videotape. we also talked to parents who arrived here this morning just before 8:00 to bring their children to classes.
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they were stunned and we're working on bringing that to you at 11:. live in frankford, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, monique, police say a man was shot several times at fourth and cambria street last night. so far police have no clues on who may have done the shooting or a motive. they hope security cameras will help in their investigation. mr. us a police are searching for a gunman after police were shot one week apart. one victim was found at 60th and man, the other at 59th and irving. both victims were taken to the hospital where they are listed in stable condition. pope francis says he is looking forward to his visit to cuba and the u.s. with great hope. the pope made a comment during his weekly audience at the vatican this morning. he leaves for cuba on saturday then he'll travel to washington,
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d.c., new york city, and finally here to philadelphia. pope francis will be in our area the weekend of the 26th and 27th. meanwhile, philadelphia mayor michael nutter is expected to update us on the planning for next week's world meeting of families and the papal visit. we'll bring that briefing live to you when it happens. right now, communications companies are offering a closer look at the upgraded wireless system that will be in place for the pope's visit to philadelphia. a high capacity distributed antenna system is set up along the ben franklin parkway. he'll help the crowd stay connected during the pope's outdoor mass and other papal activities. and now the time to download the nbc app, we have a rundown of the road closures and transportation changes that will be in effect during the pope's visit. another spectacular day all
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across our area. we've been enjoying a wonderful week of weather and here's a live look at the jersey shore atop the marquee delafayette hotel in cape may, new jersey. brittney shipp is here. brittney, it's a perfect day to be at the beach. there's a warm end. we're going to see great conditions, humidity will stay down 48%, temperatures at 79. the air is calm or a little bit above average so summer is really holding on but we will start to see our temperatures relaxing as we go into the weekend. sunshine over half of the nation. a very quiet weather pattern. this will be the trend when we go into the weekend. so for today expect plenty of sunshine, warm conditions over
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the area and we are going to stay dry. we're not going to see cloudiness either and that will be true as we head into thursday as well. so we have a few little changes happening as we get into the weekend. that's coming up but first let's look at the city planner. by 1:00 p.m., 83 degrees, by 4:00 p.m. 85 and temperatures at 7:00 p.m. 81 degrees. today's high at 87. i'll have more details on those changes coming up. vai? >> thank you, brittney. happening today, philadelphia congressman shaka fattah has a court hearing in his corruption case but he's not expected to attend. a federal judge will decide if fattah can have contact with witnesses. the judge requested he be barred from contact as a condition of his release. fattah is accused of misusing campaign funds, donations and grant money. congressman fattah is married to nbc 10 anchor renee chenault fattah. renee is labelled as person "e"
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and an affiliate of the fatah enterprise. the feds allege she took part in the scheme to fraudulently sell a car in order to pay closing costs on a vacation home. she's not charged and denies wrong doing. renee is currently on leave from nbc 10. the pennsylvania senate is getting back to work today as they get ready to try to break the budget stalemate in harrisburg. the senate is scheduled to advance a short-term spending package but governor tom wolf has indicated he will not sign the temporary deal until a general budget agreement has been reached. school districts across the commonwealth are eager to get state funds that have been tied up by the budget standoff. meanwhile, toll prices increased overnight for two local bridges connecting new jersey and pennsylvania. this morning, drivers are paying more to use the tacony-palmyra and burlington bristol bridges when communitying outside of new jersey. starting last night at 10:00, the fare increased to $3 for drivers with e-z pass.
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it's four bucks for those of you using cash. this is the first toll increase in 15 years. the burlington county bridge says the funds are needed. nearly 75 philadelphia police officers will be honored during a merit commendation ceremony today. the department says all 74 officers have made outstanding arrests while performing highly intelligent and valuable acts of police service. this is video shot from the previous ceremony. officials say their acts demonstrate special initiative and perseverance in the performance of their duties. meantime, eight new harley-davidson motorcycles are being presented to the department in just a few minutes. the motorcycles will replace older motorcycles currently used by the highway patrol unit. these same motorcycles will be used to escort pope francis on his travels throughout the city during his visit next weekend. a ground breaking ceremony is happening today at the divine lorraine, the abandoned hotel
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many consider an eyesore along broad street in north philly. here's what the hotel looked like in 1894 when it opened. it closed in the late 1990s. a developer plans to transform the building into apartments and restaurants. city leaders who have toured the building in its existing condition and following this afternoon's ground breaking. happening right now in camden county, thousands of veterans can get help finding new jobs. the philadelphia veterans career fair is happening on board the battleship "new jersey" in camden. it runs through 2:00 this afternoon. 40 companies are participating including comcast nbc universal, the parent company of nbc 10. the goal is to help at least 2,000 veterans and military spouses find jobs. to get more information about the event, go on the nbc 10 app. today kids will get their first opportunity to play in a newly enseparated playground in south philadelphia. a ribbon-cutting ceremony will officially open the barry
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playground on bigler street. one improvement, the resurfaced tennis courts. meanwhile, here's a live look at citizens bank park right now. nice and warm out there. if you're going to go to the phillies/nationals game, you'll get a papal bonus. this is what it is. fans can pick up this commemorative phillies pope rookie card. the front shows pope francis himself and the back, of course, like all the cards, features his stats including the pontiff's background. the phillies will be handing out the card at the first base and third base kiosks. getting ready for round two. a preview of tonight's republican presidential debate and what you might see from front-runner donald trump. plus, the cost of higher education is overwhelming for so many families and now a local college is making a bold move. we'll have details on the school that's drastically slashing its tuition costs. brittney? temperatures are staying nice and warm for us, but i am tracking cooler changes in
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store. that's coming up in my seven day forecast.
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when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with. the hunt is on in phoenix, arizona for one gunman after a police officer was shot and injured. this happened shortly after the officer pulled over a car for a routine traffic stop. the officer was wearing body armor and is expected to recover but police say the shooter took off and there may have been another person in the car. that car was found abandoned
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nearby. authorities say there's no information linking this morning's shootings to a series of shootings of vehicles along a highway in phoenix over the past few weeks. the republican presidential candidates are set to debate for the first time in more than a month. when the candidates take the stage in california, the focus will likely be on front-runner donald trump. nbc's tracie potts has a preview from washington. >> reporter: the reagan library in simi valley, california, is set for tonight's debate. >> i think we'll see trump show number two. >> reporter: donald trump heads into the debate a solid number one in the polls. >> people are not silent, they're disgusted with our incompetent politicians. >> reporter: another non-politician, dr. ben carson, takes the number two spot on stage. tonight's attempt for jeb bush now languaging at 6%. republican strategists say he needs to take on trump without crossing the line. >> governor bush needs to be
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able to take the fight to donald trump aggressively. he'll almost have to make fun of donald trump. >> somebody comes at me, bam, i'm come bag at them, don't worry about that. >> reporter: tonight could be an opportunity for carly fiorina who fought her way on to the main stage and seems ready to take on trump. >> she really has an opportunity here to kind of punch trump in his face but at the same time stand out as being a very strong outsider. >> reporter: 11 candidates hoping tonight will be their moment. as for those candidates who didn't make the cut, they have an earlier debate two hours before the rest of the candidates take the main stage. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. meanwhile, vice president joe biden is blasting donald trump's position on immigration, biden is deciding still whether to run for president and he told hispanic audiences in washington last night he thought trump's message was "sick." trump is calling for millions of undocumented immigrants to be
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deported before allowing some to come back. tonight on nbc 10, hillary clinton will visit the "tonight show" starring jimmy fallon. clinton will be making her first late night talk show appearance since announcing her candidacy. it will also be her first visit to "the tonight show" since fallon took over as host. the show come yours way after nbc 10 news at 11:00. we have a live look now from city hall in philadelphia where michael nutter, the mayor, is updating us on a planning for next week's world meeting of families and papal visit, let's take second listen in. >> certainly our partners with regard to the world meeting of families and the papal visit, the archdiocese, the united states secret service, commonwealth of pennsylvania, pennd penndot. this is our ninth media briefing related to planning efforts of the world meeting of families and the visit of pope francis. today's announcement is intended to get the whole city excited and involved in the papal visit.
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this incredible moment in history is upon us. for past briefings, we've discussed things like logistics in a variety of other information. we've focused on the footprint in center city and transportation routes in and out of that area because that is where, of course, the main public events for pope francis and the world meeting of families will take place. it's true, center city and its neighborhoods will be most directly affected by road closures and parking restrictions and other inconveniences but that doesn't mean that we've only been planning for or thinking about the center city area. the impact of the events in center city are specific but the opportunity to participate is, of course, open to everyone. from the very beginning i viewed the city's role from the world meeting of families as one that presents an exceptional, unified
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world class experiences for residents and visitors across the country and around the world. our entire city is hosting pope francis, not just one section. when you watch the national news coverage, no one reports that center city, philadelphia, is a stop on pope francis's historic american journey. the reports say the city of philadelphia is the host city for the world meeting of families and the final stop of pope francis's time in america. people from every religious persuasion as well as those with no particular affiliation should certainly feel invested in the arrival of this world leader to our great city. this is really about civic pride, about using this historic opportunity to essentially tell our story to the world about our unique history, our exceptional people who call the philadelphia region home. i've spent my career in public service touting the attributes of our great city.
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it's my hometown, i love philadelphia and all it represents, our opportunities and our challenges. and for the last eight years as the mayor of this great city certainly one of the roles and responsibilities in this work is to be the cheerleader in chief. that's what mayors do and i'm proud to do it. mayors all across the country do the same for their cities. i'm asking people who are not already enjoying the arrival of pope francis to get excited and involve. there are many things to do in conjunction with this event, it's not just about the opportunity to see or hear pope francis speak. the papal play book published in this past sunday's "philadelphia inquirer" has a list of "fun to be had" at venues throughout the city. like the vatican's splendors exhibit at the franklin institute and the philadelphia trolley works is offering a faith, family, and freedom tour of historic churches, synagogues, graveyards and other
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sites by the glow of candlelight. and just announced in the past week or so great acts will perform during the festival of families on saturday including aretha franklin and comedian jim gaffigan and it will be hosted by actor mark wahlberg. it really is something for everyone at the world meeting of families and the papal visit. there are people all over the world who unfortunately may never have the opportunity that we will have to welcome a leader of international importance like pope francis to their hometown, much less to see him in person. we have that opportunity. let's make the most of it. in addition to the many, many, many pilgrims who travel to philadelphia, local residents and businesses are in the enviable position of being close enough to participate in the weekend's events. if you're a business, make sure you get your "i'll be there" items featuring pope francis to let customers know you're open.
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residents, if you haven't done it already, make sure you get your septa passes and tokens, make plans for your family and friends about which events you're attending and decide on your favorite selfie pose. and if you've already decided that you just can't make it downtown in person for these events, you can still be involved from the comfort of your own home as you go about your regular weekend activities. most areas of our city will not be affected by the road closures or other restrictions that will be in center city but the philadelphia police department and the philadelphia fire department will provide the same level of excellent it was so every neighborhood in our city as they always do and we'll hear from both commissioners in just a moment. main routes like the roosevelt boulevard, interstate 95 and all bridges except the ben franklin bridge will remain open to facilitate the people moving around and through the city and region. public schools will be closed wednesday to friday but all city
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recreation centers, libraries and parks outside of the francis festival grounds will be opened during their normal operating hours during the week and on the weekend. city health centers located outside of the francis festival grounds will also be open for normal hours and service. other city services like street, water, pgw, l & i will have assets on standby all weekend in case there is an emergency like a water main break or something else in any section of our city. we expect that most businesses both inside and outside of the francis festival grounds will be open and eager to serve the public, residents, and visitors. working through the business resource center, we've been able to help many, many, many businesses inside the grounds make accommodations in order to stay open for service. one item that will affect residents across the entire city, that is trash collection. on friday, september 25 and
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monday, september 28, trash collection is canceled, we've mentioned this before but we want to make sure we get the word out and clear up any confusion. friday september 25 and monday september 28 trash collection is canceled city wide not just in center city so that our sanitation team can assist with the cleanup operations on the parkway. residents with collections on those days should -- we're asking you to hold your trash until the following week. regular trash collection will resume on tuesday, september 29. some other updates, two weeks ago we announced the international mayor's forum co-sponsored by pricewaterhouse coopers and hosted by lasalle university. that will be held on wednesday, september 23, at 6:00 p.m. at lasalle university's tom gola arena. negotiation the participating mayors already announced, mayor mitch landrieu of new orleans,
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mayor marie know of rome, italy, the mayor of puebla, mexico, baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will now join the forum. and an update for residents in the areas affected by the towing operation beginning this sunday, september 20. in addition to the free garage parking options available to vehicles with residential parking permits, the philadelphia parking authority will permit vehicles with those parking permits to park in any other permit parking districts on a limited basis. residents of residential parking districts one -- rittenhouse square, four, washington square west, five, society hill, six, logan square, and 10, chinatown, may park on posted residential permit parking blocks in any district of the city from sunday, 120e79, 2015, until 8:00 a.m. on tuesday, september 29,
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2015. this will only apply to posted permit parking blocks and does not permit vehicles to be parked in violation of other parking rules that are already in effect. residents can also park in the areas of the city without the residential permit parking but they must, of course, park in a legal parking space. if you have questions, call 215-222-9100. today marks exactly ten days before pope francis arrives in the city of philadelphia. now's the time to finalize your plans. we've told you about the preparations we're make as the city. we want residents in our city and region to welcome pope francis as well. let's remember, this is an incredible time for our city, our region and our nation.
11:25 am
we'll talk about the time pope francis made a visit for generations to come. let's take a collective breath and savor the moment. now i'd like to invite police commissioner ramsey and fire commissioner sawyer to talk about the careful and deliberate preparations they are making to continue delivering vital public services -- public safety services throughout the city while we host the world meeting of families and pope francis next week. commissioner ramsey? >> thank you, mayor. my comments will be strictly focused on what's going on outside of the papal detail on those days. as you know, we con selled days off for all police officers around the city. eleven go to a 12-hour shift beginning on the 25th right at midnight thursday into friday. we hit 12-hour shifts across the city. for those officers not assigned
11:26 am
to the detail we will be in three different shifts 12:00 to 12:00 and also a power shift, as we call it, that will be 4:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. so we have more resources at night which is when we typically have most of our prime problems. the sixth and ninth districts that are located in center city within the prim sister of the festival grounds, those officers will have their role call outside of that area as opposed to inside. those districts will be staffed with administrative personnel only. there will be no -- it won't be an active station during those three days, those officers will be having a role call outside of that area. central detectives which is on the second floor there of the -- in the ninth district there, they're going to be split.
11:27 am
the half will be on the old north district, the others will go south to the first district and work out of there. they're still handle the cases from center city and central divisi division. >> we're listening in on the ninth press briefing from the mayor's office in center city, philadelphia, calling himself the cheerleader in chief. he says it poses for philadelphia an exceptional world class opportunity. a number of things we've been informed of. trash collection has been canceled friday and monday during the pope's visit. now the time to download the nbc 10 app for the papal itinerary. we have a rundown for the road closures and transportation changes and things that were
11:28 am
just -- we were just informed with in this press briefing. all of that in the nbc 10 app. we'll be right back.
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assault at a schoolyard. this morning, philadelphia police are working to uncover new clues after a worm told them she was attacked this morning.
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nbc 10's monique braxton is live outside john marshall elementary in frankford. monique, you talked to parents as they arrived there this morning. what are they saying? to were stunned, vai. when we got here, there's crime scene tape and a lot of police officers. a much different scene than what you see here right now. we've learned detectives have since cleared the scene. they've collected their evidence. victim and work on a composite sketch. look at what it looked like just after 6:00 this morning. that's when a woman told police she was pistol whipped, her purse taken during an apparent attempted sexual assault. police who responded described the schoolyard where the victim was dragged through as blood-spattered. our camera was rolling when police blocked off access basically declaring it a crime scene. a short time later most parents bringing their children to school told us they were shocked
11:32 am
to see the crime scene tape as well as a half dozen police officers. >> nervous and have us on edge. >> >> the first things kids are looking at are cops and cameras and nobody's telling them nothing. little kids might be scared trying to figure out what's going on. >> reporter: do you think school should have been delayed? >> the school should have been delayed in my opinion. >> reporter: but classes were not delayed. they began on schedule shortly after 8:00 this morning and we saw children clinging to their parents and each other. philadelphia school district officials tell us they did call parents regarding the incident but as you see many were caught off guard. and right now we're showing you the surveillance videotape which captured the alleged crime. a short time ago i spoke with the school district spokesperson and he told us, yes, this camera was working and, yes, victims are looking at it along with
11:33 am
detectives with the hope of working on that composite sketch for later this afternoon. live in frankford, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. sunshine, blue skies and lower humidity. there's boat house row in philadelphia. nbc 10's first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the forecast. brittney? >> it's hard to beat that combination. we're going to see great conditions for the rest of the week, a dry stretch on tap for us but i am tracking cooler weather in your seven-day forecast. so not to worry, we are going to cool things down. this is just too warm for you. current temperatures right now at 79 in philadelphia, mild and warm already in wilmington. 79 in kenneth square, 77 in chester springs if you're watching us from the pocono, 72 degrees. 76 right now in allentown and 75
11:34 am
in ax ford. a little bit closer to the shore, 81 degrees in woodbine, temperatures in beach haven at 80 degrees. our highs around the region will push into the mid to high 80s. 83 will be the high in pottstown, 83 in allentown and 80 degrees along the shore. so pretty nice. definitely well above average for our average is 78 degrees. today will get closer to 87. tomorrow same thing. steady temperatures above average. i am tracking a below average temperature, i'll let you know when that will happen in my full forecast. >> brittney, see you then. one family lost 12 loved ones when flash floods ripped through u.s. thut week. another four other people were found dead at a national park. hilldale, utah, is one of the towns where the flooding struck. leanne gregg has an update from just over the border in colorado
11:35 am
city, arizona. >> reporter: good afternoon, the search is continuing today for four people who went missing from two different locations. part of that search will focus downstream from here to the north of this community. two vehicles went into the water carrying 16 people. nine children and three women were killed. and one child remains missing and is presumed to be dead. to the north of here in zion national park, four different people were also killed and three members of their party remain missing, the national guard will join in that search today, about 600 people from law enforcement and volunteers have been out since monday looking for the missing and today once again for the third day in a row thunderstorms are in the forecast and the governor along with other officials are urging visitors to be mindful of the forecast and the possibility of more flooding. i'm leanne gregg reporting from colorado city, arizona.
11:36 am
meantime, a temporary wall collapsed in los angeles county, california, during heavy rains there yesterday. a home was left teetering above a stream of water after the collapse you see there on the right. officials say the concrete wall was built to control water during a construction project. several homes were evacuated. no one was hurt. a fire burning in northern california is now the largest and most destructive wildfire of the summer. the so-called valley fire has grown to 67,000 acres. that's more than twice the size of san francisco. a fire has destroyed nearly 600 homes and forced nearly 23,000 people to flee the area. the fire killed one person and injured four firefighters, officials estimate the flames are about 30% contained. the cause of the fire still is under investigation. the refugee crisis in europe has taken a violent turn today. the associated press reports hungarian police have fired tear gas at migrants who broke through a razor-wire fence.
11:37 am
this comes as hungary convicted a migrant for illegally crossing into the country. the first such conviction under a new law. here's a live look from the hungarian border where the unrest is taking place as migrants and refugees fleeing syria are hoping to gain entrance to western europe. hundreds of refugees and migrants, many fleeing the war in syria, remain stranded on a main highway near serbia's border with hungary today, a day after the crossing was closed. small groups of migrants have continued to sneak into hungary, despite the closure. syrian president bashar al assad blames europe for the migration crisis. in an interview today with russian media, assad said the crisis is a direct result of the west's support for extremists in syria over the past four years. they're easy, convenient, and have also sent thousands of kids to the e.r. every year and now changes are coming to some of those popular laundry pods
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that you pop into the washer and some children pop into their mouths. and the story guaranteed to crack you up. this photo exhibit that may have you brushing off some awkward family photos of your own.
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well, it's moved like that that made philadelphia eagles fans crazy for the ax man, jeremiah trotter. the pro bowler spent 12 seasons in the national football zbleeg that woman could have been our sister or our mama. >> the former eagles linebacker will take a different kind of feel tomorrow night walking the red carpet for the premier of the movie "the north star." the independent feature film is based on a true story and is set here in our area. we're thrilled to welcome jeremiah trotter back to nbc 10.
11:42 am
he's here along with his co-star in the film, to. mass bartley, jr., way over there and also thomas k. phillips, a doylestown native and the writer, director, and producer of this film. thank you for being here. >> where'd y'all get that footage from? you had to go down in the archives. >> ever since you were drafted, i never knew you had this hidden talent you can act. tell me about playing the role. >> i didn't know i had it, either. as soon as i read the script i fell in love with it. it was interesting how everything played out. it was a great script, great director, great co-star and worked with some really well-known actors. >> let me ask thomas, the director, why you thought that this guy could play this role?
11:43 am
>> i always pictured big ben as a humble figure. when he walked into the room he was so pleasant, so kind, just warmed to everyone, even strangers, i felt like if he could read the script right, this is our man. >> i'm crazy, though! why you pick me? >> i know that! he said "gentle giant." i'm crazy. [ laughter ] >> this role is -- the person he's playing is 6'10" and has side -- >> size 22 shoe. he was a monster and i don't know how he made it through that trek through the woods in virginia but he made it somehow to buckingham mountain in pennsylvania. >> thomas the actor, what was it like playing next to this guy? were you a football fan before you played the role with him? >> unfortunately i'm not a big football fan but, of course -- >> did you know of him and what he did? >> well, yes, yes, yes i did no. >> just stop. [ laughter ] >> i know football!
11:44 am
i'm just not a big avid fan, you know? but it was a -- it was more than a pleasure to work with jeremiah on this project and we became really close and built a good friendship throughout this project so it was exciting. it was exciting and he was a lot better than what i expected. >> really. wow. how about that? that's pretty amazing. you got more acting? >> well, he had standards low so i didn't have to do much to impress him. [ laughter ] >> that's the problem with working with athletes, you're going to get busted. all they do is make fun of you. >> and that's what made it so easy to work with. he made everyone calm and relaxed and set the tone. >> yes, he did. as he always does. that's what he was known for when he was playing football. speaking of football, were you disappointed the way things turned out monday night? >> i was upset about the game. obviously opportunity eagles to win but they got off to a slow start and in the nfl you can't start off slow like that. >> but this week they have to do
11:45 am
it. >> they'll do it this week. >> the red carpet premier coming up for "the north star" is helping tomorrow night in center city, philadelphia. it's from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. for information, go to our web site, we'll have a link there for it, or the nbc 10 app. guys thank you for coming. i can't wait to see you in a movie, man. >> it's going to be a great movie, people will love it. >> appreciate it. i'm brittney shipp. warm day, sunshine but a few changes in our forecast. i'll go over the details coming up.
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an international organization is aiming to protect children by recommending the first-ever safety standard for packaging so-called laundry pods. it calls for manufacturers to help deter children from putting the detergent pods in the mouth by making a bitter taste and harder to dissolve. the standard is not mandatory. a college in montgomery county is cutting its tuition nearly in half. rosemont college announced within the last hour that tuition will be 43% lower starting next year. for the 2016 to 2017 school year, the tuition will drop from almost $33,000 to $18,500. room and board will be reduced.
11:49 am
rosemont says it hopes to make its education accessible to more families. the college also wants to bring attention to the college financing process that it calls broken. here's a young man with a curious mind who loves to play sports and he's hoping to find a forever family. allow know introduce you to mohammed, this week's wednesday's child. >> we're going to hike this up higher and tighten it up for you, okay? >> mohammed is a little shy but he warms up quickly. he has a bright personality mixed with a sense of adventure. he's up for anything, so we tried our hand at rock climbing at go vertical in philly. >> work those feet up nice and baby steps. you have another foot right here. >> he is inquisitive. he asks good, deep questions. wants to know about a lot of different things. >> you got plenty of holds up to your right. >> we had a blast trying out all the walls. the eighth grader does well in school and enjoys his math and reading classes but his big passion is sports. what's your favorite sport?
11:50 am
>> football. >> football? what position you play? >> either running back or wide receiver. >> really? are you fast? >> yeah, pretty fast. >> reporter: the ideal family would provide love and structure to help guide mohammed toward reaching his goals. >> mohammed i think would do really well in a two-parent household. he would prefer to be the only child. i think he wants and needs a lot of attention that can be given to him. >> reporter: he knows what he's looking for a forever family. >> a family that you can trust and a family that you know there that will be at your side. one that will care for you. >> one, two, three. >> home smmohammed is this week wednesday's child. >> if you would like to help mohamm mohammed's dream come true, go to our web site at and search wednesday's child and you can call the national adoption center at 1-866-do adopt.
11:51 am
september is childhood cancer awareness month and this saturday thousands of people will gather in philadelphia for an important fund-raiser for an organization working to help defeat cancer and other life threatening diseases affecting children holly barrilla is on the walk/run committee. she's here to tell us about saturday's event. holly, why are you involved as a volunteer for st. jude? >> we have a ton of things involved for saturday. so far we have over a thousand people registered for the run and we have performers that will be dancing before the event starts, we have a ton of entertainments and we're looking forward to this year's events. how did i get involved? i got involved with st. jude when i was in college which i won't tell you how many years ago that was and when i moved to philadelphia i decided i wanted to be a part of the st. jude
11:52 am
community so i continued to stay and work. >> we appreciate you so much. we're out of time because of the mayor's media conference but it is important to point out that families never receive a bill from st. jude or for any of their treatment, travel, or housing. holly, thank you very much. >> thank you so much for having me today. >> the st. jude walk/run to end childhood cancer is this saturday, september 19 at the philadelphia -- nbc 10's jacqueline london is the emcee. for more information, head to our web site at or the nbc 10 app, we appreciate your time, holly, thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. temperatures today expected to warm well above average for us. so sunny and warm, that trend will continue. plus you have to add in dry low humidity. it's a nice combination. i'm tracking cooler temperatures
11:53 am
once again. a live look, it will be a nice evening for the phillies game tonight. temperatures at 79, humidity stays low at 48%. the air is calm. it's a little on the warm side but you can't beat this weather. 72 in the pocono, low 80s in wilmington. temperatures in dover at 78 and we're at 82 degrees at the atlantic city airport. satellite radar shot shows we're basically seeing nothing happening right now. a lot of sunshine and not just us, it's very quiet throughout most of the nation with the exception of a few scattered showers off the coast of jacksonville, florida. dry streak continues for us not only just for today but to thursday. it's due to this big area of high pressure. you can see that clockwise rotation and what happens is as that moves offshore we get a little bit more humidity moving up. it's moisture riding around that area of high pressure and that's where we get the humidity into saturday. plus we are going to see a cold front drag through.
11:54 am
that means cooler air on the way. breezy conditions, but that will set you up for a very nice eagles game if you are planning on heading down to the link on sunday. it's almost fall, if you can believe it. it's hard to believe because temperatures are so warm, but one week from today, september 23, is when fall officially starts and we are going to see cooler conditions as we welcome in fall next week. but highs around the region today close to 87 degrees for philadelphia, 383 in pottstown, low 80s in allentown and 78 in the poconos. seven-day forecast shows we stay nice and warm through the weekend. back to the 70s by next week. here in vineland, new jersey, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. it's white breast meat chicken every time.
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because white breast meat chicken releases its flavor into the broth and absorbs more flavor from it. and in vineland, it's all about flavor so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso.
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thanks for watching nbc news at 11:00. i'm vie sikahema for brittney shipp.
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have a great day. see you this afternoon at 4:00. ♪ with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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